Declaration of Privacy Protection

To protect your personal information is the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation International Convention Center’s liability. We hope that you can understand that this right relates to you and that you will use each and all related website services provided by the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation International Convention Center at ease (hereinafter referred to as “we” or the “International Convention Center”). We hereby explain, particularly, to you the promise of privacy protection by the International Convention Center.

We will collect your personal information through the following method:<br />1.&nbsp;&nbsp;Place information consultation online<br />2.&nbsp;&nbsp;Contacts with us

We may collect your personal information via the aforementioned information collection method, for instance: name, gender, contact address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail account, company name, and occupation, etc.

In the event that you cannot provide the personal information required within the related service scope, we may not be able to complete part of your desired online service and transaction.

The purpose of collecting personal information is to increase service quality and enhance individualized service, which includes providing you with suitable marketing information. We assure you that your personal information would not be disclosed to a third party who is unrelated to the service or transaction without your consent. Furthermore, we shall not use your personal information for any purpose not described above.

We will acquire your email address in accordance with the “Collection of Personal Information.” In order to provide more abundant services or discounted rights, we would send emails related to the aforementioned content to you and note it on the email that the sender is us.

Please keep all of your personal information safe; do not provide any personal information to anyone. After completing the place information consultation online and contacting us or other related online services, please make sure you log out thereafter. In the event that you share the same computer with someone else or use a public computer, please close the browser window to prevent others from collecting and using your personal information.

We may revise the declaration content of the privacy protection/safety directly, and new content will be presented on this webpage. When we significantly revise the regulations governing the use of your personal information, we shall post a public announcement on the webpage in order to protect your rights and enable you to understand related matters.

Individual and private information of our online transaction is protected by high-tech encryption security transmission methods, the standard of which is the business standard of 128 bite SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption techniques. Before transmission via internet, all information shall be transformed into a garbled message in order to prevent interception and misappropriation of information.

Laws of the Republic of China shall be the governing law of any and all disputes arising out of the the website; the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall have jurisdiction of first instance. In the event that you have any opinion toward our safety declaration and privacy protection policy, you are welcome to contact us.