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CHANG YUNG-FA FOUNDATION International Convention Center is located on the 8, 10, and 11 floors of the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation Building. The well-decorated interior, with a total area of over 1,000ping, has three international conference halls, four medium-sized conference rooms, four small conference rooms, four VIP rooms, one speaker’s room, six multifunctional rooms, and one guests’ green room for events.

When planning the conference center, we followed Dr. Chang Yung-Fa’s instruction to make the facilities of the same high quality as Evergreen Laurel hotels and EVA Air business class cabins. Unlike the regular conference center, where aisles are narrow and seats are cramped together in order to maximize its capacity, CHANG YUNG-FA FOUNDATION International Convention Center offers spacious seating with 70cm-wide chairs with a 60cm distance from the seats in front. Even with the 44x32cm desk unfolded, there is still a 35cm distance from the seat in front. Conference attendees will never disturb each other when they have to walk between seats or change seats.

Although the spacious seating plan means reduced capacity, it makes each guest feel more prestige, which is ultimately the goal of our service. Event organizers will feel proud to hold their events here and to strengthen their brand image with us.